Dare to Think Prize €4,682.00

(Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.)


The Dare to Think prize challenges everyone to doubt and question the Alforto framework. The prize winner is the one who is the first to refute the framework in all reasonableness. The prize amount grows by one euro every day and today amounts to €4,682.00. The prize stimulates critical thinking about theories that explain human behavior.

Other view

In the book the Alforto framework, a new line of thought comes to the fore. A different and better human behavioral theory. The Framework is a solid and well-established reasoning that cannot be easily blow off their socks. The reasoning is written without the slightest doubt as to its correctness. In the epilogue, the book challenges anyone to overturn and adapt the Alforto framework.

Need doubt

The Alforto framework is a bridge too far for many people. The new way of thinking affects the existing ways of thinking too much. They reject any attempt to cast doubt on the correctness of the established theories, and thus their own ideas. Yet doubt is at the root of all science. Without a doubt, and with it new perspectives, a leap forward cannot be made.

Dare to think prize

Promoting doubts about established ideas apparently needs a helping hand. Alforto believes in progress and therefore awards the Dare to Think Prize. This prize stimulates independent thinking and especially the simplification of existing thought patterns .

Today €4,682.00

Alforto adds one euro to the Dare to Think Prize amount for each day after August 28, 2011. The prize money today is 4350. The prize amount continues to grow as long as the writer lives and expires upon his death.


The rules are simple. The first person who can reasonably demonstrate the incorrectness of the Aflroto framework wins the prize. Post the well-founded refutation of the reasoning on this web page and you can compete for the prize. Before you grab our pen, it is wise to first read the epilogue of the book the Alforto framework.